jnYFKVnbsgvIA6r-wBicn8KxCXPUXvDhO8ZZtKNILD8,eEypvw51JP-aMiEOC74RtT26A6l5kmbDipKHqZol07A,W7kP0TjHbEc076GpX24oFUilRTMW7YqpnXGiXrKue3U,_l1crLwKPl_2BEvDkAwMBna6QbZef-95Qi6RsJOa7qwJodi (Cisman) Amick was born and raised in the center of the sun—or, as some may call it, Phoenix, Arizona. Living in a big city teaches a person a lot of truths. First of all, there is always something to write about, whether it’s a controversial immigration bill passing or the Four Corners Regional Chili Cook-Off in Alpine. Second of all, a person learns the news industry is a lot like a child because it is constantly changing and it needs attention and nurturing. Lastly, to grow up in the desert requires an uncanny ability to adapt. This may mean not leaving the house without an SPF 50 sun block or choosing the car with white cloth interior instead of black leather. But adaptation is just as necessary in the news industry as it is in the Sonoran desert.

These are the survival skills she can bring to any publication: She has been exposed to the business models of the journalism industry, fine-tuned her copy editing skills, and explored the world of social media as it applies to digital audiences. She has the persistence and dedication required of any journalist to produce story ideas and to represent those ideas in well-organized and thought-provoking articles that have appeared in publications such as Arizona Highways, FabAZ and The Blue Guitar Magazine.

She resides in El Mirage, Arizona, and spends her time trying new recipes and crafts she discovers on Pinterest. She lives a charming life with her loving husband Christopher, her adorable son Max and her curious furbabies Chloe the cat and Kaycee the dog.